Casting Comedy Magick

NA_image2 Oh wait what’s going on? What’s happening? People are laughing? Oh snap! That’s right I’m doing a comedy! Seriously this is what went through my head at the last show! It’s been a while since I did an out and out comedy. Just on stage being silly. Don’t get me wrong there’s some sweet moments but yea: funny! We, that means me, are such comedy snobs. Somewhere we got told, and I think before acting class so I can’t blame them, that drama is more important or more artistic than comedy. Like somewhere in my brain examining the human condition is more relevant when crying. How stupid is that! This isn’t so much a post as much as I want to write this down so I remember: one of the greatest gifts that was bestowed upon me, and for which I practice daily gratitude, is my sense of humor. I miss being a clown. Making people laugh is the best magick EVER! I need to cast more spells.


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Tech week not for the weak!!!

CGd0yx8UgAAmoPtI love this pic a lot! First of all if you haven’t gotten tickets yet WTF?!?!?! Get them now!!!!! Ok that wasn’t supposed to sound as angry as it did :) I’m not super concerned with tickets sales YET more concerned with music changes I am trying to keep up with! The play is pretty funny. It’s nice doing something ridiculous and silly. We’re just having fun and singing some cool songs; it’s as simple as that. Hopefully I can post us singing soon. Am I stressed? Kind of. But stressed in a good thespian way not tyrannical producer way. In other things: Still writing Magoge. It’s really dark. Sometimes I can’t work on it cause I just can’t get that down ya know? But it’s still streaming on Fantastical fiction. Where you can also buy my ebook Coriander:Orders of Blood. (I’ve been taking out some ad space we shall see if that = sales. This is all so new to me!!!!) AND this new bulletin: Andrew and I are going legit! Non profit here we come!! So excited about this news!!! Ok back to listening to my vocal tracks a thousand times before Tuesday :)

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SO it begins again……

NA_programAD Hello dear old friend and enemy you Fringe you! Raise an army if you will for I have returned! (maniacal laughter) I see you’ve grown stronger and more challenging…I shall not be defeated! I will create art, have fun and drink beer with thespians. Try and stop me! I know, I know, I was going to take a year off but Will and I had so much fun writing the music we had to make it happen. So glad we did…well glad now we’ll see June 9th if I still think this was a good idea:) Yes people I am Fringing again this time with a fantastical musical Nerd Anarchy! It’s ridiculous fun and such a nice change from last year’s heavy hitters (I mean that in a loving way) Don’t forget Coriander is an ebook so feel free to buy that while you’re buying tickets to my play!!! Doing it people!!!!

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Storytelling article: So, what to you do?

Check out my article on Fantastical Fiction! It’s just a little blurb on how to answer the most basic question!


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ebook is out: BUY NOW!

0_CORIANDERrev3Yes! I did it! BUY my ebook!

Get it here at Book Country or for you Amazon fans go here. You liked the story on this site now LOVE the ebook with 12 beautiful images!

Ok guys I suck at marketing and advertising. The above pitch took me an hour to write and it’s still stupid. So all I can say is I worked hard on this story and then more so to create the book. I am super proud of the endeavor. I think it’s pretty cool. And I’m 93.5% sure you will like it too. So get crazy, support indi-writers, and drop $1.99 !!!!! Thanks for the love, David

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