Ft Lauderdale here we come!

So Yup! I’m doing The Complete History of Drag in a Few Mo-mo in Florida! I’m excited to see how the show tours and of course to do it in front of an actual audience. Marc, Andrew and I are super happy with the rewrites and how it’s all coming together. I think I’m even starting to like my janky table!! I’m losing track of a few other projects….this one is real consuming. But I still need to have a read of the new Fabulous Adirondacks, and Off stage on. AND The Third which was just supposed to be fun and stupid is actually pretty friggin cool 🙂
We shall see!!! Florida pics and updates soon!!!!

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Ok that sucked

So last Saturday 28th sucked beyond the telling and yet here I am telling it. It was probably the scariest night of my life in a looooong time! It ended up only (only?) being a viral infection but trust when i say I thought I was dying. Chris thought I was dying. The entire ER crew thought I was dying. I collapsed after a nap, who does that? with intense vertigo and nausea and grossness. Oddly, I have been working with Marc on Mo-mo and we’ve been talking about facing with your own mortality. Continue reading

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The Center of me

So at this class at Greenman we talked about “what’s the center of your universe?” In this case it had to do with magick and spell-crafting, (ok let it go, it’s cool if you think this stuff is nuts because it is, stay on subject), the instructor was basically saying it’s hard to do a money spell when $$ isn’t the center of your universe. Single-minded intent. If family or love is the center of your universe it’s hard to make cash your most important intent. OK what does this have to do with art? Dude, what’s at the center of my universe? Last night, in the above photo, I helped coordinate a poster painting party for anti-orange guy and the Women’s march. Things I feel strongly about. Compassion. Kindness. Education. Civil Liberties and Human Rights. Here lies the center of my universe It’s so obvious that so much of my work is about these things and that makes me real fucking happy. I might even be able to sleep tonight pre-inauguration. I love my country enough to let it make mistakes and help fix them. Hard but possible. Just as I’v never been the kind of guy that money was most important to, and duh I got so little 🙂 , but I am the sort of bloke who doesn’t give up on love or acts of kindness. If compassion is your way then it is the only way. And also, of course, this:

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Curiosity and Hecuba Shoehorn

I woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and wrote this. I think it’s super cute. Maybe I’ll get an actress friend to do it as a VO??

Curiosity and Hecuba Shoehorn

Hecuba Shoehorn, my neighbor, is always getting into the worst sort of trouble! I typically don’t bother with her much. Since the incident with the lemon tree we remain friends but not as close. Yet, as I heard her making quite a lot of noise the other evening, as she was carrying things back and forth from her house to the woods, I decided to investigate. Curiosity got the better of me, as it almost never does, and I ventured down the path to the woods. I found her having lit 5 torches in a circle of 3 paces in which were stacked quite a lot of men’s boots. This concerned me. Boot burning is banned, as you know, and with the number of elves present I was too concerned that perhaps some darker mischief was at hand. Though I am not sure it gets much darker than boot burning. Hecuba is always getting into trouble. She is not directly responsible for the 70s gas hike, but is for incorrect milk dates and of course summer being used as a verb.

I cleared my throat to announce myself and Mrs. Shoehorn was delighted for my assistance. I was unaware I had offered assistance. Oh no I thought she’s got me in some muck again! Hecuba was transferring these some 22 boots to a friend of her in France. “Why dear?” I asked. “Well” she replied, “I need some of that.. that..that…” Continue reading

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Mass Matters

Ok I don’t usually post about how stoopid I am but I’d like to remember this moment should I ever finish this cool idea I have. I was writing a short story, might continue, about a few characters being tortured by monsters. They discover that the only reason for their torment is to create pain which is needed to fuel a spell to locate a magickal tool. Cool huh? Ok I guess I’ll finish it. BUT I had this cool idea to have them pray. Which became a whole story about a war and evil sorcerer all told through prayer. Book of Prayers was born. I love writing prayers. I love creating deities, forces and primal energies and setting them in the hands of villagers. ANYWAY to do all of this I have to, of course, know where the story takes place. Like where the fuck are they? So I start creating a continent or island on which they can roam and battle. When suddenly (ha ha ha) I realize I have no concept of space. Continue reading

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