All about the image!

I mean a great play is…well, great, but to set your show apart in any fringe fest you need cool visuals. Think about it: an average theatre-goer will scan the tables and boards at any given theatre and see like 100 to 250 flyers and posters for competing shows. Ya ya we’re all in this together and it should be pleasant competition but it’s still competition. It’s the advice I give every fringe newbie who asks. It should grab the eye and explain your piece immediately.  At least it should try :)

SO here’s our ad for First Elders. Chris Baughman did a great job. Now he’s fixing Magickal Monsters for me. I heart Fringe Fests!!!!

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Hosting with the mosting

Winner2I haven’t hosted a party in quite a while. When Beto asked me to host the Kylie Minogue Cd release party I was like “ummmm if you need me to?” It’s not that I dislike Kylie or anything, but most know my musical taste kind of stop in 1979. :)  Anyway being a person who says yes I said..well, yes. It was so much fun! Continue reading

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Ah age…..

I am so lucky and blessed and honored and other cool stuff to be able to produce art in LA!  Last week we presented QueerWise, a group of LGBT seniors sharing stories n sex and love. it was AMAAAAAZING! It fits nicely in with my new play First Elders. Bu that’s not why Andrew and I bring them to Akbar. We love their stories. it’s so amazing to hear them! We have to figure out a way to stream all this or post this or somehow bring the world the awesome art we curate! So friggin proud!




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tribute shows and


I’m in this show tomorrow. It’s a tribute to playwright Robert Patrick. You probably know his play Kennedy’s Children.  I have the opening monologue. It’s 14 minutes long for chrissake! Lordy the things I agree to do :)  HOWEVER it has been fun being an actor and not something I wrote. (Speaking of which I have a new idea for 2 new solo shows: How to be a Diva in the 21st Century and Nerd Anarchy. I’m insane. But when the muses stop by the very least you can do is jot down what they say) (Actually to second parenthetically note something, which s bad grammar but you don’t care, I read a cool article about Inspiration being a Hoax. How the idea that we create art from inspiration is foolish. We create art because it’s what we must do. So we do it. Whenever we have time. Those sitting around waiting to be inspired tend not to create a whole lot.  I have always said this.   If you write all the time when you don’t something feels off..wrong-ish… you left the stove on…and then you wrote something and everything’s better. Luckily though I am seemingly always inspired. I think that might have to do with the fact I am always creating and seeing other peoples creations. Probably. I have fact to base this on.) ANYWAY I am in this little tribute play and will have pictures to post.  It has got me thinking of my life as writer. I wonder when I’m 70 will there be a David LeBarron Tribute of all my crazy work? Will it amuse me? Will I ever get around to publishing anything so they can do a tribute? Hmmm……

OH and the reading of First Elders was amazing. I’m re-writing. WOW is it hard. Just changing one little thing and  every word needs to be re-thought. It’s less fun than it should be. And yet what I’m coming up with is delicious. I love the new set up. We shall see. OH and AND in a week is the first read of Magical Monsters. Cross fingers, unless you’re a monster then cross claws, talons or hooves.

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Fun with Ancient Warriors!


So I did these shots as a camera test for my new stories for Wicca Please Coriander series. I want to have an image header with each chapter. FUN!   The stories take place 4,000 years ago when Corey was a young man learning magick. I have 3 stories outlined. We shall see how they turn out! It’s so much fun to write! I can go on and on about the amount of research these tales took. I won’t. It was fun too but kind of frustrating. I mean I set the story pre-history so who knows what really existed. Well that’s not true. Smart people probably have a good idea of what life was like…sort of. Or so they say. I read a lot and then just created my own, slightly-based on reality, world where new characters live and love. Oh and of course they do cool magick stuff. It’s been very expanding imagination-ally speaking :)  2 more image after! Continue reading

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