Ok Autumn: Let’s do this!

10600401_440229266117438_6225406878558100424_n Here’s me being pensive at a street festival. I have no memory of this being taken :) This post completely recants everything from the last post. Fringe totally destroyed me for a few weeks. I didn’t even realize how exhausted I was. But I wasn’t writing very much so I knew something was up. I got my post-birthday head on and an ready for fall. I am traveling A LOT! Which is cool but I’m so binge and purge I sort of wish these 5 trips had happened over the course of the year and not in 4 months! BUT that is not to say I’m not doing any of them. :) I’ll be in Big Bear next week for a three day writing sequestration. Nerd Anarchy my new musical is coming along sweetly. SO FUN! I decided (after tons of organizing) to NOT write Sun Stealers but rather focus on Coriander and Vushi.  I’m also focussing on performing more. The solo show was great but I want to focus on some personal stories that I will be telling around town. We shall see how that goes.  In some ways this is new territory for me in other ways it’s just more of what I’ve been doing since forever. It’s a very LA thing. You get quickly pigeon-holed by whatever you are currently doing. I did Fringe so I’m a playwright. “have you ever done a film?” I get asked. “umm yea duh…” Then I have something in a film festival and people ask if I’ve ever written for the stage. When a possible booker says “oh so you’ve been onstage before?” I try hard to smile (and not roll my eyes) and throw out a few credits. Constantly reinventing yourself even if you aren’t actually. I try to find the sense of humor in it.  Then again I look at my career/life as an artist and all the medium and wacky shit i’ve done and I have to cut the world a break. I mean I can barely keep up with me :)

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Post Fringe Blues….

COR_BLOOD_COVER….should be longer!  Ok I’ll be honest: I got reaaaallll sad for a day or two. I have given myself all of July to be tired and process the two original shows, music festival and extra work load of the first half of this year. but I’m kind of done. Got a lot of new ideas and plans and don’t think I can stop myself from writing for another two weeks. My new Coriander Scroll Coriander: Orders of Blood is live today and it’s AWESOME!!!  I am so pleased. I shot Ruben Trevino (Coriander) a few weeks ago and next week shoot the Warrior! I have the next two stories sort of outlined.  One MIGHT be a solo story for Vushi. Not sure… But it might be cool because Coriander’s next story isn’t at Magoge so Vushi isn’t in it. SO I wondered “well what’s she up to over the break??” and a short story came to mind.  Don’t you love when that happens!  ALSO I have decided to finish a novel. I am leaning towards Sun Stealers instead of Propensity.  Basically because I know one of my short comings is explaining the world I set my characters in. This is undoubtedly because I am firstly a playwright and see everything in black box ha ha ha BUT in Sun Stealers the world is totally new and I’ll HAVE to explain every facet so I’m looking at it as a good learning story.  What’s that saying? When you stop learning you start dying??

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Fringe ahoy!


Magickal Monsters opened Sunday to a smallish but really excited house! I have spent months praying the last line would be magick and it is!  It was such a great feeling! Please come! You can buy tickets here!

First Elders starts tomorrow and guess what? It feels like a play!! I know that sounds weird but sometimes it just looks like….like… remember when you played with your food at the table and got some blucky mess with bits of everything you can kind of recognize but look kind of gross? Well that’s what plays look like as they enter tech week. I guess the food analogy is kind of backwards because as it comes together it looks like a gorgeous repast that simply must be savored. I am very fortunate. Sometimes it still looks inedible. We’ve all been there.  Buy tickets here! 

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Askooky LIVES! This was our first live appearance at Planet Queer. SO much fun!dragon3 Everyone GASPED when we came out! It was just a little cameo, nothing major, but so sweet to hear that reaction when we worked so hard on this show! Dan is awesome to work with!!!! I think I can finally do the show without dying from exhaustion!  It’s been hard but fun. It’s crunch time so I have to stop complaining and worrying and just do it!

First Elders is going well it’s in that weird half blocked no one knows their lines stage….I think it’ll be great. That sounded more worried than I am :)  This might be the first time someone has directed a piece of mine I have nothing else to do with…I try to shut up during rehearsals but it’s hard so I just leave…. The cast is really nice and seem to be funny. I have faith (he said to remind himself to have faith:)

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Same Old Same Good

Just one of these days I’d like to post something like “nothing really going on just enjoying hiking and living in the now…”  HAHA HA Like that’s EVER going to happen! I updated a friend last night on what I’m working on and he just started laughing. Not a yea good for you laugh more a are you insane laugh or maybe I’m projecting….? It’s so my status quo to be over booked and creating art at a lightning speed bit with these new projects I’m trying to slow down. Craft more. Take moments upon moments. It’s a tad nerve wracking but the work is solid. I will let others decide if it’s good or great or whathaveyou.  I just need to stay proud of what I do. So far so good. It’s odd how difficult that can be.  Continue reading

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