July is weird

julyJuly is weird. It always is for me. Typically the first half of the year I am SO productive but then summer hits and I get all blah nah whatever. Maybe it’s the weather. I mean it is friggin hot in LA!!! But this year I am trying something new: I am trying to be ok with my mood and chill-nees. I am tryuing to not beat myself up and say: do more work harder. I think that only leads to frustration. I mean come on t’s not like I’m a slacker I wrote Dandy and the queen for the 10 minutes fest, I finished and edited 3 numbers and Mo-mo. I did video for June 4th 3F show. I have to learn to respect the process and not push the process. I have this cool idea about a unicorn boy…and I really need to do something filmy!!! Maybe Knot now? maybe something easier???? Or at least shorter. Haven’t done film in like what 3 years?? Uhg!!!! I want to revisit LeBarronisms but I have to wait till my summer slacker goes away!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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5 Things Friends Say that Writers Hate Hearing

meuhjgWriters work alone. We spend hours clicking keyboards and jotting notes, all by our little lonesome, until the finished project is ready for public consumption. Most of us have learned, the hard way, never to talk about a project before itโ€™s done. It saps the energy you should be saving for the clicking. Talk later-write now. Sometimes, however, it gets lonely and you need to chat with your fellow humans and, often, the only thing you have to discuss is your project because god forbid you stop writing long enough to get laid. Continue reading

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Saddle, back in it, sort of, yes, definitely, I think,

USHOk so June, huh? I’m back and figuring out my summer. We just finished June’s pride show Art Out! It was great. Hot as hell but great! May was nuts prepping that show and seeing my nephew AJ off to his next adventure. Also I think I needed downtime. I finished 3 Numbers and the Mo-mo rewrite, now entering notes from the Tom meeting, which was amazing! I also performed Medea piece. So, a lot of typing was happening AND a lot of thinking. I dropped the ball on Coriander. I decided I needed to write a short story for him but all my ideas are long, so I’m rethinking it. No one publishes long on going pieces apparently. Oh well,I still just do him for me! I am considering Knot Now again. I can’t let it go so we shall see. Also the Sarah Sucker thing is tapping on my shoulder. As is Sassy Scarf. I want to do all of them BUT I have stay focused on Mo-mo. I want the show it be…well saying good sounds stupid..I want it to be an achievement. Is that weird? I am concerned if I don’t completely focus on making Mo-mo happen it will not be an achievement of the sort I want, simply a good/fun show I did. Which is too an achievement. I am talking in circles. I think I know what I mean. It occurs to me hanging out at Urban Social House cafe trying to think about what I should work on is such a luxury! Again I am blessed, but again, so many ideas make my brain hurt. It’s like: thanks Muses thanks Goddess, I don’t dare ask for less but could it slow down???? Ha! As if. WHo would I be if not that weird writer with too many ideas I also came up with an awesome idea for Loki as a Fosse piece! Halloween???


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Questions not answers

meuhgSometimes, after banging my head against the wall for a few days, I remember that writing isn’t about solving or answering or getting it right. If your characters and situations are solid they tend to solve things and answer questions as they arise. There is very little right or wrong. The cruel bitch is trying to figure out what questions to ask. I am putting this here to remind myself (but you can read it too).

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taglines urg evil yet necessary (like whiskey)

TaglinesI think I’ve come to loathe taglines. You spend a ridiculous amount of time writing something, anything, draft after draft and then…. it’s all done! Phew! I did it! Now could you please condense all your effort into a sentence. Thanks. And btw that might be all anyone EVER reads. EVER! I get it. I can’t read everything I See. A tagline or very brief synopsis let’s me decide if I give it a go. (like a cool t shirt) But writing them after you finished your own script is so painful! I have done the exercises too. When you write the tagline first. Or the pitch before it’s done, It helps focus the work. “It’s about….” helps make you see what the hell it’s about. Duh. Get it. BUT somewhere between “knowing what you’re writing about” and the “final-ish draft,” the play tends to write itself. Ya know. It becomes what it has to become. It tells you what to do. If the characters don’t suck they have logical conclusions. When “the end” is written it may be very different than the sentence you started with. Even if it is the same exact story, which is ok, you still have to write a grabbing exciting enticing enriching, ok maybe not enriching, tagline. Which sucks. I find it reductive and patronizing! UHG!!!Ok sorry I had to get that out. I have a deadline and need a tagline. Now I can stop whining and do it. OH btw my tagline so far is: After 22 years of his mom in hospice, Lonn, a 90s NYC drag queen, can only find escape lip-synching for his life and flirting with a hot retired UPS guy. (That sucks in case you’re wondering.)

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