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I love Halloween! (duh)

I made an awesome outfit for the black hat march in Thompkins Square! (above not it) So excited. Much is good right now! Maui Fringe accepted and sent promo? Check! Brighton applied? Check-ish! Dublin applied? Check! Palm Springs? Check! But … Continue reading

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Getting to know you….

The naming of cats is a… Oh god I quoted Cats! But in truth I never really know a character until I name them. I have been playing with Zucchini for a year or two and just started really getting … Continue reading

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SO my new play The Third is really friggin’ funny! We had a reading and it played SO MUCH better than I thought t would. Especially scene 8!! I was like wow I’m kind of a genius! Trust. Rewriting is … Continue reading

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Encore encore!

Yup weird month. Why is July always so weird? Anyway I am thrilled to be doing Fringe Encore Producer’s Award shows! I know it’s only 2 more shows but hey it’s two more shows!!!! I WANT EVERYONE in the world … Continue reading

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Fringe is AWESOME

Oh Lordy I do love fringe!! It’s like a few thousand like-minded people just doin’ mother-fuckign art! I have had amazing houses and standing ovations BUT the best thing has been this feeling… this really quiet thingy…. ok I am … Continue reading

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