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Saying goodbye to yourself

My Aunt Stella died. She was an amazing woman. I will miss her very much. It’s hard, when someone you love so much, someone you thought would always be there for you, the way she always had been, is no … Continue reading

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I love Halloween! (duh)

I made an awesome outfit for the black hat march in Thompkins Square! (above not it) So excited. Much is good right now! Maui Fringe accepted and sent promo? Check! Brighton applied? Check-ish! Dublin applied? Check! Palm Springs? Check! But … Continue reading

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The Center of me

So at this class at Greenman we talked about “what’s the center of your universe?” In this case it had to do with magick and spell-crafting, (ok let it go, it’s cool if you think this stuff is nuts because … Continue reading

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Curiosity and Hecuba Shoehorn

I woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and wrote this. I think it’s super cute. Maybe I’ll get an actress friend to do it as a VO?? Curiosity and Hecuba Shoehorn Hecuba Shoehorn, my … Continue reading

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Mass Matters

Ok I don’t usually post about how stoopid I am but I’d like to remember this moment should I ever finish this cool idea I have. I was writing a short story, might continue, about a few characters being tortured … Continue reading

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