Encore encore!

Yup weird month. Why is July always so weird? Anyway I am thrilled to be doing Fringe Encore Producer’s Award shows! I know it’s only 2 more shows but hey it’s two more shows!!!! I WANT EVERYONE in the world to see this show! I might be changing my mind as to the next festival to apply to…We shall see. Brighton sounds fun but I can’t do Brighton Dublin and Orlando. Even being me 🙂

Ok it’s time to say it: My Dad died. He was in and out of hospice, homes and hospital for the last few months (ok last few years but really intensely last few months) and of course, being him :), it got real bad just as I entered Fringe. Uhg. My sister in a panic and upset said “If I just knew when Dad was going to die so I could plan!” and I said, “easy. Just pick the most inconvenient day!” We laughed and of course I was right. It’s made fringe harder but, maybe, more important. I mean, I am doing a play about how important and beautiful life is and how we hand joy down….. I am sad. But choosing to embrace fond memories and let go the bad ones.

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