Tech week…it’s sweetly, always, the same

So next Tuesday is my tech for the fringe!!! I’m not nervous or anything. We are so fucking ready it’s sort of ridiculous. I mean if anything I’m concerned how unconcerned I am!! I hope tix sell well. I really want people to see it! I have to say getting a grant makes everything so much easier! At some point i need to do a year planner of where I’m going with this next!! I wonder how the 60 min version will be? I finished The Third. Why did I write that again? Obsess much LeBarron? H ah ha it’s done it’s funny. I will probably never do anything with it! But then again… who friggin’ knows! The pic of AJ and I has nothing to do with this post: So there! Yes I’m rambling….

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Rock n roll versions

So I performed in Ft Lauderdale. It was an odd experience. I had to emergency change the show. The event space changed and was not at all what I was expecting. Thank you Gods for that little voice in my head that said “bring a mic!” I had to cut all the sound and lighting cues. And the light up mirror convention. Also the stage was so small, and only light with one spot, that I couldn’t really move. SO I ended up changing the convention that Luscious sits and David stands, sort of, mostly, kind of…. ALSO opening night I performed next to a heavy metal band “FUUUUUCK YOU FT. LAUDERDAAAAALE!” they screamed. I tried to laugh it off, but it hurt. I mean here was, a year or two of work, its grand opening and it was nothing like I intended. Ouch. The small audience liked it. They gushed and raved That was nice. But it wasn’t the play I meant to do BUT it was still good which makes me happy. AND now I am pretty sure there is a 60 minute rock n roll version of the play, so it’d be easier to do other fringe festivals. (I am going to leave out the next 4 days with my family or where I stayed because…well because.) Let’s just put cool spin on it and say I rose to the occasion and am happy with what I gained and lost.

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Ahh rehearsal you beast!

2 weeks to Ft Lauderdale Fringe! It’s going really well, except for every once and a while when I think ‘who wrote this shit?’ 🙂 Last week we had that moment when we looked at each other and kind of went….hey this is really good. Wow! (it better be after this much work) AJ, me nephew, has been in town and is acting as Stage Manager. It’s good to hear someone laugh, although he has no idea half the time who I’m referencing. It saddens me he doesn’t know who Barbara Stanwyck or Rosalind Russell is, but then again, he refers to all these people I am clueless about. Which, if you think about it, is sort of the theme to the show, right?? BTW the above picture: Apparently this queen needs a sceptre!

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Ft Lauderdale here we come!

So Yup! I’m doing The Complete History of Drag in a Few Mo-mo in Florida! I’m excited to see how the show tours and of course to do it in front of an actual audience. Marc, Andrew and I are super happy with the rewrites and how it’s all coming together. I think I’m even starting to like my janky table!! I’m losing track of a few other projects….this one is real consuming. But I still need to have a read of the new Fabulous Adirondacks, and Off stage on. AND The Third which was just supposed to be fun and stupid is actually pretty friggin cool 🙂
We shall see!!! Florida pics and updates soon!!!!

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Ok that sucked

So last Saturday 28th sucked beyond the telling and yet here I am telling it. It was probably the scariest night of my life in a looooong time! It ended up only (only?) being a viral infection but trust when i say I thought I was dying. Chris thought I was dying. The entire ER crew thought I was dying. I collapsed after a nap, who does that? with intense vertigo and nausea and grossness. Oddly, I have been working with Marc on Mo-mo and we’ve been talking about facing with your own mortality. Continue reading

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