Marching into March the update

I know. I know. I missed February! Among other things my site went down to a new hosting server so that’s me excuse and I’m sticking to it! Also I am not going to put here all the work I’ve been doing with Brigid, but suffice to say she’s been AWSOME to work with. Blessings to you Great One! David 2.0 is a lot of fun. Ok back to work: Rewriting freaking History again to make it part 1 and 2! I think it’s pretty great. A lot of math had to be figured out BUT the idea is I can tour an under 60 minute show without loosing my soul! We will be having a reading soon-ish. Cash Masters aka Humiliation House is kind of freaking great! It’s so funny. I have, at this point, written 5 of the 8 and fully outlines all so thats LOT of writing. I have NO idea if we’re going to actually shoot it but here’s to art for art’s sake I guess! Who knew writing online bdsm humor would be so fun! I’m trying to stay on top of the whole submitting plays thing. AND working on monologue book but man there’s only so much time in a day and I need to prioritize and ya know, have fun once in a while?!?! Ha ha I am blessed and grateful and working on it all!!!!!!

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We Won!

Wow Maui Fringe was AWESOME! I cannot actually express in words how great the whole trip was! 2017 was so hard and the turn around to 218, being sick as a dog and then rehearsing (sorry Rebecca for sweating all over you) and then going to Maui was tough. I am counting Imbolc as my real New Years. Hence reorganizing my life. I have plans! It was so great being an actor again ( I say this a lot). Finding ways to do more! Shanna and I are planning on having a semi-private fight class. YAY! Charming Vessels to where to pitch The Third! I am in motion. Really setting out my monologue book! Also: I want to re-commit to fiction 1,000 words a week. (Ok I’ll probably start with porn do sue me) Book of Prayers or new adventures or romance novel thingy that I cannot believe I am thinking about??? Let me just encapsulate all of this: I met Pele. I am changed. Exhilarated and excited about what i can create.
More pics:

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too too, revisited

Aren’t these banners for The Sex Life of Achilles AMAZING? Rebecca Graul really out did herself. The show is lovely. I am thrilled. It’s visually stunning and the new Thetis arc is clear and, can I use lovely again? It’s lovely! I think Maui Fringe is going to be a blast. We’re all paid for and almost ready for our preview on Jan 9th! We’re even joking about where to take it next. Speaking of which i think I’m not doing Brighton. I think that 2k could be better served doing the show in USA and getting better reviews or the like. Started working on Faery Night again for fun. I changed it to them being older. I grow so sick of all romance novels being about ripped 22 year olds or coming of age/out teens. Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to yourself

My Aunt Stella died. She was an amazing woman. I will miss her very much. It’s hard, when someone you love so much, someone you thought would always be there for you, the way she always had been, is no longer going to be here, to not be selfish. Me me me. I am sad. I am wrecked. I can’t stop crying. What she meant to me. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I guess, if someone helped make you who you are, maybe it should be impossible to speak about them without being self-referential.

Aunt Stella taught me kindness. She was kind to me when others weren’t. She never judged when it would have been easy to condemn. If life became unkind Stella would offer concern. A trait I have tried to copy, sometimes, well sometimes… Continue reading

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Spelling November

Ain’t gonna lie: I am only making time to post because it’s the last day of November and I try to do that once a month thingy… A LOT has been happening. So Achilles, remember that drunken night when you and your buds were like “it’d be so cool…” and now you’re like CRAP it’s 6 weeks away and I have to design an entire show. Not to worry, anal retentive super organizer DLB is on it! We actually have set this time, sort of, we have banners 🙂 and of course the costumes are looking super cool! MAUI FRINGE HERE WE COME!!!! Continue reading

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