Saying goodbye to yourself

My Aunt Stella died. She was an amazing woman. I will miss her very much. It’s hard, when someone you love so much, someone you thought would always be there for you, the way she always had been, is no longer going to be here, to not be selfish. Me me me. I am sad. I am wrecked. I can’t stop crying. What she meant to me. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I guess, if someone helped make you who you are, maybe it should be impossible to speak about them without being self-referential.

Aunt Stella taught me kindness. She was kind to me when others weren’t. She never judged when it would have been easy to condemn. If life became unkind Stella would offer concern. A trait I have tried to copy, sometimes, well sometimes… Continue reading

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Spelling November

Ain’t gonna lie: I am only making time to post because it’s the last day of November and I try to do that once a month thingy… A LOT has been happening. So Achilles, remember that drunken night when you and your buds were like “it’d be so cool…” and now you’re like CRAP it’s 6 weeks away and I have to design an entire show. Not to worry, anal retentive super organizer DLB is on it! We actually have set this time, sort of, we have banners 🙂 and of course the costumes are looking super cool! MAUI FRINGE HERE WE COME!!!! Continue reading

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I love Halloween! (duh)

I made an awesome outfit for the black hat march in Thompkins Square! (above not it) So excited. Much is good right now! Maui Fringe accepted and sent promo? Check! Brighton applied? Check-ish! Dublin applied? Check! Palm Springs? Check! But first I have to get thru, I mean LOVE, Kageno and make some money for them! Then Perform “Sun in Her Belly” for Plant Queer! My poor friends are going to disown me! Video coming!!! I will be spending so much $$ in the next 4 months I cringe when I think about it! But it’s all good right? I mean what’s the point of making all this art if no one sees it? yay.

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Getting to know you….

The naming of cats is a… Oh god I quoted Cats! But in truth I never really know a character until I name them. I have been playing with Zucchini for a year or two and just started really getting to know who these people are/were/will be. It’s weird though, with so many characters naming is maybe easier? I have NO idea what will happen with this script BUT it and Mythic are vying for room in my brain. Since mythic is well.. mythic and epic I thought getting Zucchini out of the way would be easier. HA! on me!!! ALSO applying for festivals is boring and annoying. ALSO we all really want to do Achilles again! That would be so cool! Also also, I need to make a submission timeline for Third! I guess life is good just the same. Continue reading

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SO my new play The Third is really friggin’ funny! We had a reading and it played SO MUCH better than I thought t would. Especially scene 8!! I was like wow I’m kind of a genius! Trust. Rewriting is upon me. I have a cool idea for scene 2 on cell phone. Shall see. I think it might be a good script to send out. A lot of my stuff read really well, like Achilles…WHICh we are taking to Hawaii maybe!!! Cross it all! I have been cleaning up scripts to send out. I have to stop hating stage directions. Ah oh well. I re-edited First Elders, The Fabulous Adirondacks, which I need to do another reading of, Achilles, and Mo-mo. And of course The Third. I almost sent out Faerie Love Lost, but I don’t think it’s a good read and it’s so dark! I think that’s a script some college will do someday. Oh also, Mythic is firming up! Fun! Don’t know if I can shoot it soon but maybe ALSO ALSO Zucchini outline is fierce! Just sayin’

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