The Complete History of Drag in a Few Mo-mo

What people are saying about the show:

If you have ever cared about anything related to history, gender bending, queerness, or drag, you owe it to yourself to see this show and maybe come away with a little education—and the courage to tell your own story.”

“Brilliant, funny, intelligent”

“Guffaw-worthy, with poignant, thought-provoking moments. Tears in my eyes at the end. Incredibly moving message, especially in these dark Trump days, to remember history. David is brilliant, both as his character, and breaking the 4th wall.”

“What an amazing and entertaining one-man show! David LeBarron has crafted a funny, and at times very touching and poignant telling of the history of drag through his alter-ego Auntie Luscious.”

Memories play and stray in this new solo show. Backstage at a drag show, Auntie, an old diva, teaches a newbie her fabulous lineage, from ancient times to current affairs, a resilient race of glitter, tucking and throat throttling reality. Auntie’s endowment: a birthright. Her stories: hysterical.

In this play, Auntie, an aging drag queen, sits backstage with a newbie-queen and bequeaths to her the legacy of a people. Auntie recounts her own ridiculousness coming of age in NYC in the 90’s, meeting Quentin Crisp, having her nails done, and getting bashed. As a dilettante historian, she reaches across continents and time to weave a tale that ties her own adventures into the tapestry of queer history.

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“You came from a people. A betrayed race of glitter and tucking, of illusion and bone crushing, throat throttling, reality,” she tells her protégé. “Being happy is the most politically threatening thing you can be. Smile all the time.”

APT 3F returns to the Hollywood Fringe Festival with “The Complete History of Drag in a Few Mo-mo” a solo theatrical play: part anecdotal memory, part history lesson and part building foundations for a better tomorrow.

Luscious in the 90’s notorious zine Bad Seed!

Our community asks: What is drag? Why is it so powerful? Where has it existed and for how long? Why is drag history important? Auntie has answers and she ain’t afraid to say it how it is!

David LeBarron stars in this solo show of epic future memory. Storyteller credits include: Proud Kids, Pagan Tales, The Chronicles of Steve the Bossy Bottom, National Storyteller Network Festival, LA storytelling festival, as well as countless performances throughout Los Angeles. As an actor, David has been seen on numerous stages in LA and NYC and in quite a few viral internet videos. As playwright: Nerd Anarchy, First Elders, Sex Life of Achilles, Little Black Veil and many others. As a screenwriter: Call Me Joe, Homewrecker Houseboy, Sledge, Storyteller and others. He also wrote a children’s book entitled When Carrots Ruled the World. For over 17 years, he has continued his mission of queer celebration in LA at various theatres and bars, often through his company APT 3F.

Luscious upside-down. (a powerful metaphor)

Luscious upside-down.
(a powerful metaphor)

APT 3F’s penchant for excellence has come to mean a great deal in the Los Angeles theatre and arts world. They have produced 4 WeHo festivals, 3 plays, over 12 group shows and provided a safe space for hundreds emerging and proven artists. With this very important and timely show APT 3F continues to promote dialogue on issues central to the LGBTQ communities. Once again we engage audiences with representations of LGBTQ experiences and rekindle the vibrant spirit of solidarity and creative innovation that characterized the early years of the gay liberation and gay rights movements.

Early Luscious with Bo, (the now famous chocolatier)  circa 1257BCE

Early Luscious with Bo, (the now famous chocolatier) circa 1257BCE

Luscious with some bitch!!!

Marc Silvia is the director of the international hit one-woman comedy “Late Nite Catechism” and the co-author, with creator and star Maripat Donovan, of its seven sequels, the most recent of which, “The Holy Ghost and Other Tales of Terror” premiered last Halloween at the Laguna Playhouse. Silvia began his theatre career in Chicago, first as one of the founding Artistic Directors of the Econo-Art Theatre Co., followed by fifteen years as a busy actor, director, writer and designer. He won the After Dark Award for his performance as the drag queen Medea in “The Underwear Plays” at Bailiwick Rep and appeared frequently at Victory Gardens Theatre originating many roles in the plays of Joel Drake Johnson. He recently made his big-screen debut in “Ovum”, a film by Lars.

The actual shoe Luscious ran around The Village of East in!

The actual shoe Luscious ran around The Village of East in!

Andrew J Henkes is a producer, director and historian of queer performance in Los Angeles. Andrew co-founded queer performance company APT 3F with David LeBarron in 2011 and has since co-produced over forty events and shows under that name. Selected directing credits include FIRST ELDERS at the Hollywood Fringe Festival (2014), CHEAP THEATRICKS: A CELEBRATION OF ROBERT PATRICK for APT 3F’s third anniversary (2014), THE SPICKNER SPIN (FringeNYC, 2004, Theatremania Audience Choice Award winner), KADDISH IN EAST JERUSALEM (Theatre for the New City, 2003), MEANINGLESS SEX (FringeNYC, 2003, Theatremania Audience Choice Award winner), and LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST for the Glasgow West End Festival (1999). Andrew made his debut as a sound designer for the University of California, Santa Barbara’s mainstage production of ON THE VERGE (2011). Andrew completed his PhD in Theater Studies; his research on late twentieth century gay nightlife and performance has been published in the Journal of American Culture and in Reading Contemporary Performance (2016).

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