No Room for Rewrites!

Had a reading of No Room for Shakespeare. It was a blast. I’ve forgotten how much I love to speak the speech. I played Vivian Vespa and had a lot of fun playing with Gordon and milking the audience. Comedy is like that for me. Once the audience gets there I have to stop myself from going full DQ/standup and act the part instead of working them. Obviously I do, but I can feel when a moment is to be held or not, when suddenly they’re laughing and you know exactly how to make them do it again in just a…. there! 🙂 The audience was mostly smart theatre friends. I want to remember this night. Some said they liked that I didn’t explain it or title each play that they had to figure it out or simply be in the know! More tribal than clique, they felt in the loop! Other’s were a bit confused but had so much fun they didn’t care. I will be rewriting. There’s a structural challenge I need to fix. I WLL FIX! I think I was too concerned with it being to much like other plays: Virginia Wolf, Maids, Godot but then if it’s like these it’s perfect, right? Ultimately it’s a comedy. And they laughed. should be happy with that! ( Slightly cynical moment: I had funny convo with a friend Marcel, also a playwright, we were talking about how long and exacting it is to write theatre and then we both saw a flyer for a “friends” show. Zero talent. Basically just riffing on 70s tv and selling out the theatre. We had a bitter moment and then we laughed. We agreed we’d rather be us. It was very empowering and funny.) Is life just a series of reminding yourself you’re fabulous? If so, why do we forget? I think I hear a play writing itself 🙂

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51 and Fab!

Diva Armed

Last year my birthday was epic. This year we had a blast remembering it! I made a slide show and a film of my b-day process called I remember 50. Like all things drag it’s ridiculous and fab. Ok this last year has been super tough BUT it’s also been artistically awesome, Half Tongue Tribe has been so fulfilling and fun! I love working with Dan. AND No Room for Shakespeare is a hoot and a half (and really hard to act apparently.) I forget sometimes how hard and dark one gets in a seemingly simple comedy. I even wrote a sequel to it. No not an Act II No Room is its own entity. I t can and should be done on its own. I’v been playing a bit with the idea of sequels and spin offs. I have an idea of a short story for Nan from An Elf to Liv For. WHICH btw comes out next week! UMGs I can’t think about that yet. I’ll burst! But the short is really lovely. I wanna flesh it out! I mean when I wrote there’s always scenes or parts that don’t make it to the final product. End up on the proverbial editing room floor. And a lot of these sides or back story or future endings might make really good pieces on their own??? So we shall see! I want to spend the rest of 2019 and the top of 2020 drinking wine and writing because I want to! Hopefully my next 5 posts will be boring!!!!!!

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What is with me and July?

A friend/astrologer told me this year in particular Leos had a hard time in July. I was like July: alway sucks! I was truly overwhelmed but I DID IT!! Let’s see I re-published 2 Coriander books. I finished Elf scene and Shot the Mth-F-er! Looks great btw. I put together my Paris travel videos (will post soon) AND had to take care of some good friends in need. Also organized No Room for Shakespeare read thru in Sept. Stay tuned.

Today was my first own day. Yes I had to organize and send out texts and emails but it has literally nothing planned on my calendar!! I scrubbed my stove after the grape seed oil debacle of weeks ago (I had to get brillos) did laundry and cleaned my car and now feel oddly at peace!

The only thing so far on the docket, besides the little reading in Sept is publishing An Elf to Live For. We did the trailer/short and it looks amazing! Pics next month. I had a wonderful birthday party. We drank Rosé, had cheese, crepes and watched the travel slide show and video I made. It was all actually perfect. For the second half of 2019 all I want is peace of mind. Last 10 months have sucked so bad. I almost didn’t make it. But i did. Yay for me. I’d like to not be in emotional throws for a tiny little bit. I think I’m gonna work on Book of Prayer OR Zucchini. Both of those are long and will tale a lot of work. Maybe I can get Zen with it? Or perhaps I have a few short stories buzzing in my brain….or new songs for HTT????? We shall see.

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Feeling evil

Evil! Just evil!

Ok not really. HA! Just super worn out! Orlando was friggin amazing! So glad I did it. So glad we made that shit happen. Came back to a lot of work and ran my body down but no no no rest for this wicked wicked man! Creation-ing is playing this Sunday. And it’s freaking awesome sauce on a witch’s tit! Shanna came in with some movement play and Dan and I re-wrote and edited it down and it’s really sharp now. OS very psyched. But i ma behind WAY behind in Patreon. Way behind in Elf. Which I am supposed to shoot in 4 weeks. Way behind in Book of Prayers: like they monos just keep coming like spilling into my head and I literally do not have time to jot them down! UGH!!!! SO in a nut shell I’m sick, busy, over committed and it’s all my own damn fault! This pic is of me peeing on the Eagle bar. I was like damn I look super evil! Maybe I should just become morally bankrupt and see what happens? HA! Oh also I revisited the Hick mono from Andrew Dandy and added a lot. So funny. I think my net solo piece will be about home and what that means and where it is. A conglomeration of funny monos and maybe that home ritual with the rocks I did few years back???? Also also I think Clay wants to direct No Room. That should be a hoot. AGAIN this is all my fault! BUT I just think If I can get Elf out of the way, I can focus on the new stuff but want to honor all the work I did on it ya know???? Not like Coriander which was more just let it exist, more like, finish it and learn how to market something…. HA!

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Brace for reviews!

See what I did there with brace-lets???? I am so Wonder Woman! I am currently spinning! And not to transform into a powerful Amazon, because let’s face it I already am one! No I’m spinning and leaping and smiling from two great reviews! I know. I know. One should not need outside or critic/s praise to validate them artistically! BUT still, a nice review is a great feeling. AND I do need pulls for when I take this show on even more roads! The two so far came from the Orlando Weekly an the Orlando Sentinel

”an energetic and entertaining piece of theater whose greatest achievement might be shedding light on an unsung part of history without feeling like a lecture. You’ll laugh throughout but a little while afterward, you might find yourself contemplating how marginalized groups are left out of the “official” historical record. And you’ll certainly tip the next time you’re at a drag show.”

“Fabulously Fierce. Mo-mo is an enlightening and entertaining introduction to a topic deserving of more attention”

Funny. Some friends thought I’d be upset because both reviewers thought the narrator was the weakest part of the show.I totally disagree. I think it grounds the play and shapes it. I don’t know if you know this but my artistic skin is pretty much armor. Hence the image! I mean over the years I have been ripped by press and people and I’m still fucking here! (sing follies now) and I ain’t going anywhere bitches! Except to hell in a handbasket filled with vodka and sexy devils! Trust. And besides I am so grateful I even got a review! When I did the show at Hollywood Fringe reviewers came and one only talked about the space and the other’s never got printed: she called out a show for homophobia and the theatre pulled rank and had them not print it!! So suffice to say FUCKING FNALLY! Also, and I know this sounds like bullshit, sometimes when you read a gushing review you’re like Really? I mean come on. Nothing is perfect. Unless it’s so banal it beiges you into smiling. Now if I get a gushing review I might change my mind HA HA HA But I am pleased as punch. Oh and Orlando Fringe s super fun! I wish Hollywood Fringe had a lawn party every night!!! So glad I made this happen!

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