51 and Fab!

Diva Armed

Last year my birthday was epic. This year we had a blast remembering it! I made a slide show and a film of my b-day process called I remember 50. Like all things drag it’s ridiculous and fab. Ok this last year has been super tough BUT it’s also been artistically awesome, Half Tongue Tribe has been so fulfilling and fun! I love working with Dan. AND No Room for Shakespeare is a hoot and a half (and really hard to act apparently.) I forget sometimes how hard and dark one gets in a seemingly simple comedy. I even wrote a sequel to it. No not an Act II No Room is its own entity. I t can and should be done on its own. I’v been playing a bit with the idea of sequels and spin offs. I have an idea of a short story for Nan from An Elf to Liv For. WHICH btw comes out next week! UMGs I can’t think about that yet. I’ll burst! But the short is really lovely. I wanna flesh it out! I mean when I wrote there’s always scenes or parts that don’t make it to the final product. End up on the proverbial editing room floor. And a lot of these sides or back story or future endings might make really good pieces on their own??? So we shall see! I want to spend the rest of 2019 and the top of 2020 drinking wine and writing because I want to! Hopefully my next 5 posts will be boring!!!!!!

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