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No Room for Rewrites!

Had a reading of No Room for Shakespeare. It was a blast. I’ve forgotten how much I love to speak the speech. I played Vivian Vespa and had a lot of fun playing with Gordon and milking the audience. Comedy … Continue reading

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51 and Fab!

Last year my birthday was epic. This year we had a blast remembering it! I made a slide show and a film of my b-day process called I remember 50. Like all things drag it’s ridiculous and fab. Ok this … Continue reading

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What is with me and July?

A friend/astrologer told me this year in particular Leos had a hard time in July. I was like July: alway sucks! I was truly overwhelmed but I DID IT!! Let’s see I re-published 2 Coriander books. I finished Elf scene … Continue reading

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Feeling evil

Ok not really. HA! Just super worn out! Orlando was friggin amazing! So glad I did it. So glad we made that shit happen. Came back to a lot of work and ran my body down but no no no … Continue reading

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Brace for reviews!

See what I did there with brace-lets???? I am so Wonder Woman! I am currently spinning! And not to transform into a powerful Amazon, because let’s face it I already am one! No I’m spinning and leaping and smiling from … Continue reading

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