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Opus epic long-ass stories!

Maybe it’s because I’m so tall? And dramatic (see photo). I’m always wondering why I write such long pieces. I wow’d myself earlier this year when I finally finished No Room For Shakespeare and it ran 45 minutes! I was … Continue reading

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Never underestimate getting out of town!

I wasn’t gonna go! I am WAY too busy! The to-do list is LOOONG! But it was one of my best girl’s b-days and I wanted to go! So I went out to Joshua Tree and we hung, soaked and … Continue reading

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OK Time has ticked and I think I finally won!

After a few months of trying -refixing -redoing -rebegging for help, I think this ole girl is up and running! And apparently here’s an entire NEW way to post. I guess there’s yet an new trick for a dog to … Continue reading

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IS this thing on?

OK it’s been a few months and I’m still trying to fix everything here. This is a test This is only a test 🙂

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Full of it! (from Patreon)

Sorry I missed September. My new Patreon account is a lot of work. And the post there are pretty much like my posts here. I don’t want to screw this up so for the next few months I’m double posting! … Continue reading

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