Feeling evil

Evil! Just evil!

Ok not really. HA! Just super worn out! Orlando was friggin amazing! So glad I did it. So glad we made that shit happen. Came back to a lot of work and ran my body down but no no no rest for this wicked wicked man! Creation-ing is playing this Sunday. And it’s freaking awesome sauce on a witch’s tit! Shanna came in with some movement play and Dan and I re-wrote and edited it down and it’s really sharp now. OS very psyched. But i ma behind WAY behind in Patreon. Way behind in Elf. Which I am supposed to shoot in 4 weeks. Way behind in Book of Prayers: like they monos just keep coming like spilling into my head and I literally do not have time to jot them down! UGH!!!! SO in a nut shell I’m sick, busy, over committed and it’s all my own damn fault! This pic is of me peeing on the Eagle bar. I was like damn I look super evil! Maybe I should just become morally bankrupt and see what happens? HA! Oh also I revisited the Hick mono from Andrew Dandy and added a lot. So funny. I think my net solo piece will be about home and what that means and where it is. A conglomeration of funny monos and maybe that home ritual with the rocks I did few years back???? Also also I think Clay wants to direct No Room. That should be a hoot. AGAIN this is all my fault! BUT I just think If I can get Elf out of the way, I can focus on the new stuff but want to honor all the work I did on it ya know???? Not like Coriander which was more just let it exist, more like, finish it and learn how to market something…. HA!

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