No Room for Rewrites!

Had a reading of No Room for Shakespeare. It was a blast. I’ve forgotten how much I love to speak the speech. I played Vivian Vespa and had a lot of fun playing with Gordon and milking the audience. Comedy is like that for me. Once the audience gets there I have to stop myself from going full DQ/standup and act the part instead of working them. Obviously I do, but I can feel when a moment is to be held or not, when suddenly they’re laughing and you know exactly how to make them do it again in just a…. there! 🙂 The audience was mostly smart theatre friends. I want to remember this night. Some said they liked that I didn’t explain it or title each play that they had to figure it out or simply be in the know! More tribal than clique, they felt in the loop! Other’s were a bit confused but had so much fun they didn’t care. I will be rewriting. There’s a structural challenge I need to fix. I WLL FIX! I think I was too concerned with it being to much like other plays: Virginia Wolf, Maids, Godot but then if it’s like these it’s perfect, right? Ultimately it’s a comedy. And they laughed. should be happy with that! ( Slightly cynical moment: I had funny convo with a friend Marcel, also a playwright, we were talking about how long and exacting it is to write theatre and then we both saw a flyer for a “friends” show. Zero talent. Basically just riffing on 70s tv and selling out the theatre. We had a bitter moment and then we laughed. We agreed we’d rather be us. It was very empowering and funny.) Is life just a series of reminding yourself you’re fabulous? If so, why do we forget? I think I hear a play writing itself 🙂

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