Just another day

It is SO FREAKING weird not being in a show! If I wasn’t working part-time at the restaurant I think I’d go crazy! Oh no let’s go! Here’s me at Urban Social House for a day of writing. Odd thing: no idea what to write! I’m ready for my What make me Queer story tomorrow and still waiting for notes on my erotic novella and Paris is just around the corner OOOHH LALA! I’m thinking about making Drink Fek Fight super more gay. Also the Witch Tales (working title) is really forming up. Trying to figure out what the fuck to do with Complete History! Ok I know: I say I’m not working on anything and then list 10 things, but you now what I mean! It’s been a year since Dad died. I’ve been crying a lot. Landslide came on the radio and I lost t. Poor Chris and then last night Cyndi Lauper sang a song from Kinky Boots and then went into True Colors and poor Mike! This is a weird update BUT I didn’t wanna missJune. (and have zero good reasons why I wouldn’t have posted) Let’s say this: All is well.I have my health and creativity an amazing friends and new ideas everyday! Blessed being I am! (alla Yoda) OH I sold some spell jars to STRANGERS! How cool is that! they want more and the carrot book! Oh and I (prematurely) put out ads for models for the cover art of my book, which I think might be a short too! Ok I sound insane. 🙂

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Oh this writer thing…….

Lord and Lady what a year. First off I have ben cold for like 8 months I put this here to remind me to not complain when the sun beats down 99 degrees on my bald head. Ok rant over! Next thing: I screwed it up! TOTALLY! UGH!! All I wanted to do was write porn. Like for real. Just do it! Write a little excerpt you might have read in Forum! I loved those so much! So I had a few ideas because well, I’m me I always have ideas. And my fantasy life is ridiculous. So I started to actually write one out, more than just a blurb or funny: one day…thing. Ya know, a freaking story. It was all hot and sexy and dirty and a bit more violent than I meant it to be.. but I just followed where my heart-on led. My 2k word little porn is like 30k and not finished. It has become a treatise on storytelling and character arc. WTF Why can’t I just write little toss off? And of course it’s nonlinear so there’s that too. UGH But NOW I have to finish it!!! I even came up with video marketing ideas and shoots. So over the top. Why LeBarron why!!! I’m also playing with this cosplay idea. Not sure where it’s going to go but it’s been fun. Just sort of playing and exploring. We shall see. I am also obsessed with the sissy sailor idea. I think it’d be a hoot for fringe. It’s Querelle meets Billy Budd possibly on Treasure Island. I have to do some re-reading. Please Gods don’t let it be a musical!!!

I was interviewed on being a queer witch, which was more work than it sounds! BUT I’e been wanting to do a solo show about it, so it was good practice to go over how I actually viewed my spirituality. It was cool. Every time i think of the solo show I see myself in rags being a charms dealer and telling fortunes to the audience. I know. I know. I’ve been craving doing some short film work I wrote a little piece about early Gods, new spins on stories but of course, being me, I made it too long. I’m still submitting The Third and The Fabulous Adirondacks. I view it as apart time job!!! which after getting anew part time job have come to realize part time jobs can blow! I’m kidding!


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almost mortal…almost

So I’m not in rehearsal or prepping for a rehearsal, performing or crashing after a show for the first time in YEARS!!! How does it feel? Weird. Terrible. Boring. and just a tad peaceful. Things are happening and not-happening. I did Charmed Vessels for the holidays and it was awesome, so I did my Etsy site, which sucks. I would never buy something like this online…without feeling it and holding it. I was gonna take it down but i think having that stuff online helps. Right? I will get off my ass and take some samples to local stores and see if that helps…it’s not that I don’t believe in the spells I guess I just don’t believe in the average consumer to get it.. and that sux. Achilles is dead in the water. UGH. That sux too. Too much, WAY too much to go into now but suffice to say it isn’t happening any time soon. That bummed me out more than I can ever explain. My car died. RIP Lady Royale! Palm Spring bailed on History of Drag. I know, batting 1,000 right? BUT in a sliver of cool the new artistic director might be interested in next year. It’s not like I’ll be too old for the role :))) I have to start over. We shall see.

Paris is the best part of 2018! Booked flights, Paris airbnb! Excited. Costume is no where near done. Pieces are arriving. I might have over estimated my sewing talent! It should be fun, certain friends not getting along not withstanding…we shall see (AGAIN) I am sure fun will be had. Continue reading

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Marching into March the update

I know. I know. I missed February! Among other things my site went down to a new hosting server so that’s me excuse and I’m sticking to it! Also I am not going to put here all the work I’ve been doing with Brigid, but suffice to say she’s been AWSOME to work with. Blessings to you Great One! David 2.0 is a lot of fun. Ok back to work: Rewriting freaking History again to make it part 1 and 2! I think it’s pretty great. A lot of math had to be figured out BUT the idea is I can tour an under 60 minute show without loosing my soul! We will be having a reading soon-ish. Cash Masters aka Humiliation House is kind of freaking great! It’s so funny. I have, at this point, written 5 of the 8 and fully outlines all so thats LOT of writing. I have NO idea if we’re going to actually shoot it but here’s to art for art’s sake I guess! Who knew writing online bdsm humor would be so fun! I’m trying to stay on top of the whole submitting plays thing. AND working on monologue book but man there’s only so much time in a day and I need to prioritize and ya know, have fun once in a while?!?! Ha ha I am blessed and grateful and working on it all!!!!!!

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We Won!

Wow Maui Fringe was AWESOME! I cannot actually express in words how great the whole trip was! 2017 was so hard and the turn around to 218, being sick as a dog and then rehearsing (sorry Rebecca for sweating all over you) and then going to Maui was tough. I am counting Imbolc as my real New Years. Hence reorganizing my life. I have plans! It was so great being an actor again ( I say this a lot). Finding ways to do more! Shanna and I are planning on having a semi-private fight class. YAY! Charming Vessels to where to pitch The Third! I am in motion. Really setting out my monologue book! Also: I want to re-commit to fiction 1,000 words a week. (Ok I’ll probably start with porn do sue me) Book of Prayers or new adventures or romance novel thingy that I cannot believe I am thinking about??? Let me just encapsulate all of this: I met Pele. I am changed. Exhilarated and excited about what i can create.
More pics:

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