IS this thing on?

OK it’s been a few months and I’m still trying to fix everything here. This is a test This is only a test πŸ™‚

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Full of it! (from Patreon)

Sorry I missed September. My new Patreon account is a lot of work. And the post there are pretty much like my posts here. I don’t want to screw this up so for the next few months I’m double posting! (SLUT!) I mean I think, believe, want there to be a difference between the two sites but right now they’re pretty much “stuff I’m working on, have worked on, will work on…” And just let me say WAIT till you see what Dan and I are doing: Public performance ritual rock and roll! And this form someone who HATEs labelling everything! HA! Anyway here’s the post from Patreon:

I am in full edit mode! (The Elf-story needs some love and attention.)
I am in full discovery mode! (Half-tongue is exploding with new ideas!)
I am in full fruition mode (making plays played in 2019)
I am in full recovery mode (The NYC event kicked my ass this year)
I went to see Aida at the MET and sat like 6th row! My friend Louis (pictured) who took me (thanks) is sort of cynical. He was like: he could have been the king of Egypt and instead he chose her? WTF!?!?! I laughed and explain it’s a LOVE story where LOVE is more important than anything. And he rolled his eyes. I laughed again and said this is probably why you are rich and I am not! Then I got to thinking….. I could be sososososo richer if I didn’t need to LOVE what i do and am. If I chose to ignore gifts and talents and art I could just make shit ton of money doing many different things but I wouldn’t LOVE them. Which makes me Radames, not that I plan on suffocating to death in a tomb or anything, but I get to be the hero. And I think I just realized how important that is to me. Wow I am full of me! ha ha

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Paris takes and gives and does not……

It’s the last chance for me to post in August but I am without words. So much did and did not happen in Europe. I am still processing. Like going through an old journal that you finished a week ago and look at and say oh right: that. Then. Who? I did some great things. This pic is of me at Gallerie Gallery with Juwellia (sp?) and Jose Promis! I got to sing in a German cabaret! I wasn’t very good but I did it. I spent the turn to 50 at Musee d Orsay. Like I wanted to be: surrounded by beautiful things. Seeing the haystacks made me cry. I remember seeing them a a youngin’ who was I then? Who am I now? It was intense. The following dinner party was fun and a thing of both legend and destruction. UGH Maybe there’s a huge silver lining? Perhaps not. And maybe that’s the information I needed to take? Ooo deep! ha ha I came back feet running and playing catch up. I am trying to make Patreon happen in away that makes me happy and harmonious. I am happy Dan and I are thinking about Tribe and what that might become??? I am submitting scripts and planning on buying a car. You know the mundane and fabulous in the same moment. I am still shocked by how amazing the whole trip was. How my friends are basically awesome creatures I will strive to be better for….. Deep breaths are needed. Not gonna happen soon. And that too is the lesson. Like in Goddess body nothing is ever done or finished it is all process and stop making struggle a bad word. Videos and photos coming soon!

β€œIt is not what France gave you but what it did not take from you that was important.”
-Gertrude Stein

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Half way… ha ha glass still full!

A lot going on. Mostly planning Paris (then Amsterdam Berlin Disney…) It has been a ridiculous amount of planning. I swear next vacay is just me and beach and nothing! Haha but it’s been amazing. I sort of blush when I think 15 of my friends are bothering and seemingly WANT to fly around the world to see me for my birthday! Truly blessed! I used the pic of me with a charmed vessel to feel the peace! Oh and I am basically out of vessels! WHAT? yes! Also Dan and I (maybe Reb with other buds) are making some politico music and playing dress up. This whole revisiting Luscious has made me realize how much I miss singing and performing and being on stage being a diva and occasional asshole ha ha So tatrd tribe (logo NOT finished btw) is happening this autumn. ALSO I finally did my Patreon page. No I haven’t launched it yet but I think it looks good. That, with my word videos and other ideas, are all the same idea of what I hold dear. What means anything to me. Stories and spirit all in love and moving forward in compassion. So not easy. More than ever it’s needed. I recently got inspired by a friend’s success. I almost got jealous (ok a little) but mostly I was like: Yes. That’s the road. Do what you love say yes and do SHIT! And stop being weighed down by bullshit. If it’s not propelling me down a a path of love NOW it’s not worthy of my attention. This includes but is not limited to my own nonsense. Don’t get me wrong J’adore nonsense… So weird, last few posts have been what the fuck. Still bummed about PS and other 2018 disappointments but now I feel sense of footing. Where will it lead? Where I wish to wander? Perhaps. Or maybe new doors will become seen and other veils be drawn. I jokingly say: I’m half way thru. 50. It feels half way, ya know? But like in a really awesome amazing and lovely way. If the next, possibly last, chapter is as fulfilling and informative and rewarding as the first 50….well all I can say is: I win!

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Just another day

It is SO FREAKING weird not being in a show! If I wasn’t working part-time at the restaurant I think I’d go crazy! Oh no let’s go! Here’s me at Urban Social House for a day of writing. Odd thing: no idea what to write! I’m ready for my What make me Queer story tomorrow and still waiting for notes on my erotic novella and Paris is just around the corner OOOHH LALA! I’m thinking about making Drink Fek Fight super more gay. Also the Witch Tales (working title) is really forming up. Trying to figure out what the fuck to do with Complete History! Ok I know: I say I’m not working on anything and then list 10 things, but you now what I mean! It’s been a year since Dad died. I’ve been crying a lot. Landslide came on the radio and I lost t. Poor Chris and then last night Cyndi Lauper sang a song from Kinky Boots and then went into True Colors and poor Mike! This is a weird update BUT I didn’t wanna missJune. (and have zero good reasons why I wouldn’t have posted) Let’s say this: All is well.I have my health and creativity an amazing friends and new ideas everyday! Blessed being I am! (alla Yoda) OH I sold some spell jars to STRANGERS! How cool is that! they want more and the carrot book! Oh and I (prematurely) put out ads for models for the cover art of my book, which I think might be a short too! Ok I sound insane. πŸ™‚

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