Brace for reviews!

See what I did there with brace-lets???? I am so Wonder Woman! I am currently spinning! And not to transform into a powerful Amazon, because let’s face it I already am one! No I’m spinning and leaping and smiling from two great reviews! I know. I know. One should not need outside or critic/s praise to validate them artistically! BUT still, a nice review is a great feeling. AND I do need pulls for when I take this show on even more roads! The two so far came from the Orlando Weekly an the Orlando Sentinel

”an energetic and entertaining piece of theater whose greatest achievement might be shedding light on an unsung part of history without feeling like a lecture. You’ll laugh throughout but a little while afterward, you might find yourself contemplating how marginalized groups are left out of the “official” historical record. And you’ll certainly tip the next time you’re at a drag show.”

“Fabulously Fierce. Mo-mo is an enlightening and entertaining introduction to a topic deserving of more attention”

Funny. Some friends thought I’d be upset because both reviewers thought the narrator was the weakest part of the show.I totally disagree. I think it grounds the play and shapes it. I don’t know if you know this but my artistic skin is pretty much armor. Hence the image! I mean over the years I have been ripped by press and people and I’m still fucking here! (sing follies now) and I ain’t going anywhere bitches! Except to hell in a handbasket filled with vodka and sexy devils! Trust. And besides I am so grateful I even got a review! When I did the show at Hollywood Fringe reviewers came and one only talked about the space and the other’s never got printed: she called out a show for homophobia and the theatre pulled rank and had them not print it!! So suffice to say FUCKING FNALLY! Also, and I know this sounds like bullshit, sometimes when you read a gushing review you’re like Really? I mean come on. Nothing is perfect. Unless it’s so banal it beiges you into smiling. Now if I get a gushing review I might change my mind HA HA HA But I am pleased as punch. Oh and Orlando Fringe s super fun! I wish Hollywood Fringe had a lawn party every night!!! So glad I made this happen!

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Opus epic long-ass stories!

Maybe it’s because I’m so tall? And dramatic (see photo). I’m always wondering why I write such long pieces. I wow’d myself earlier this year when I finally finished No Room For Shakespeare and it ran 45 minutes! I was like I DID IT!!!! But that play is like a little aria, a ditty, a moment, or 45 moments, the length IS the play ya know? History of Drag simply needs to be 90 minutes. And I love it. Tried to change it. Didn’t work. Oh well. Still love it.

BUT it seems the next piece/s I’m being called to do are both LOOOONNGG ass pieces as well. One Zucchini I have just outlined, It’s sort of spastic and wonderful. A nonlinear dirty version of Love Actually. I think it’ll end up a web series. Am I going to shoot this one? I wrote Cash Masters AND Front/Back Stage and both of those just sit on my hard drive and took a shitload of work! I don’t know… But If the muses speak I obey. So I’m gonna start writing this epic vegetable porn! ALSO I think I wanna try and finish Book of Prayers. I know BUT I did so much world-building I feel like it’s a waste not even finish book 1??? If people like it I can do the other 2??? Maybe I can do a writer’s retreat?

I’m glad Faerie is done and being edited. I wanna shoot that this summer and release it for the fall! I thought that was long at almost 50k words but in the world of fantasy writing it’s barely a novella!! Oh well size doesn’t matter until it does and then you can’t help what you got.. wait..what I am talking about?? Ha ha ha!

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Never underestimate getting out of town!

Panorama of weird teahouse at airbnb. (We drank vodka) photo credit Rebecca Graul (aka birthday girl)

I wasn’t gonna go! I am WAY too busy! The to-do list is LOOONG! But it was one of my best girl’s b-days and I wanted to go! So I went out to Joshua Tree and we hung, soaked and made a birthday feast! And it was amazing! Yes I came back to 100 emails i had to answer and payments for festivals and crap BUT I feel so peaceful refreshed I did all of them, and a bunch of to-do stuff in like an hour or so. My mind is clear and I feel so much more ready to attack rehearsals with the show a little less than a month away and booked Creation-ing as well. When will I ever remember, before it goes too long, how important it is for artists to break the mundane cycles and get away! I place this here to remind myself: Relax. Go away. Bliss out. Love your friends.

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OK Time has ticked and I think I finally won!

After a few months of trying -refixing -redoing -rebegging for help, I think this ole girl is up and running! And apparently here’s an entire NEW way to post. I guess there’s yet an new trick for a dog to learn! The pic next to me is me in PV at Mardis Gras! It was amazingly peaceful and super fun (except the getting sick part after! That sucked and made me completely re think life! )

OK on to artsy stuff! I got in Orlando fringe!! HURRAAAHH! It’s expensive as hell! Boooooo!! Oh well I really wanna do this show again so History of Drag is back up people! SO excited. I rewrote the beginning and really like the stronger opening! Speaking of Fringe I already know what I’m doing Hollywood Fringe 2020! YUP Don’t die of shock but I finished No Room for Shakespeare! It was a really good read. I think I’ll have fun (fun meaning here hair pulling teeth noshing joy) working with Gordon. again. AND YES it’s under an hour!!! I even write a line about that in the play “It’s like there’s some great thespian stopwatch somewhere!”

Half Tongue Tribe was such an amazing night! Creation-ing NEEDs to be done again! Dan and I are still meeting and working out new songs! I am in love with this new project! I feel it’ so important too. Praise the Goddess!

In other news: The cheeseplate business is about to go full throttle, in June, I am a bit excited and nervous about this! I am trying to keep expectations manageable! Jars have been selling like hotcakes!

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IS this thing on?

OK it’s been a few months and I’m still trying to fix everything here. This is a test This is only a test 🙂

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