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The Coriander Scrolls are ancient text recently/finally deciphered by scientists. The scrolls are worn and confusing. Instead of leaving these scrolls in some vault doing no good, they decided to hire David LeBarron, a storyteller to piece together the tales and make them cohesive, coherent, and cool. The Scrolls feature a character named Coriander learning magick in The Bronze Age. He discovers he has an extraordinary gift…for getting into trouble.

We have just released the first ebook: Coriander: Orders of Blood available wherever ebooks are sold.

My children's picture book.

My children’s picture book.

When Carrots Ruled the World is a whimsical children’s picture book about a wonderful time when Carrots ran the garden! In this quirky story, the carrots welcome everyone, even bunnies, and accept then for being exactly who they want to be!
Equinox graphic novel Something is afoot in the Underworld! Hades has actually fallen in love with Persephone, his trophy wife. While up on Earth, what appears to be a crazy homeless lady is busy hunting down a widow she needs to kill. Cupid’s arrows have lost their way! Can Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, put things right above and below? Or will a demon named Scorn win the night?

Stories from a Magical World is an audio download of a few of David’s favorite original stories. It’s available for free and also for a tiny fee with scoring by Rebecca Norris!

Tales of the Tribe is David’s storytelling site. He performs a variety of stories for children and adults. his latest endeavor is Tales to Be Told a series of stories form LGBT families. the site Proud-kids will give you those specifics.

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David LeBarron Writer (storyteller) Magic and storytelling have been passions of David LeBarron since his epic portrayal of The Birth of Athena (lead) in 3rd grade using his mother’s table and sheets as a set. Since that commanding spectacle, he has delved into storytelling professionally as a writer of books, plays, screenplays and oddly successful internet pieces. David continues to produce, perform, teach and tell stories wherever he can to anyone who might listen. For specifics, samples and musings please visit the necessarily eponymous: Mr. LeBarron proudly lives in Los Angeles but will always be from New York where his Mom’s sheets are safe.